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    With Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller. Easy to use and instantly fun, Kinect gets your whole body in the game. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine. And the best part is Kinect works with every Xbox 360.

    With new technology and innovations like Kinect, there will be questions about how that technology works and exactly what that technology does. Families and parents, in particular, have questions about what safeguards are provided to help them manage their family’s entertainment experiences and protect their privacy and online safety. As leaders in the video game industry, Microsoft is proud to have led the effort to create and build in safety and privacy measures, and today virtually all of Microsoft's consumer products feature family-safety features, including Kinect.

    This guide will help answer those questions and show you how with Xbox 360 Family settings, both for the console and Xbox Live, you are in control of what you and your children play, watch, browse, and share.

    We also know that privacy is important to everyone, not just parents, and your privacy and ability to control what you share with others when using the Xbox Live service are of paramount importance to Microsoft. We take a holistic approach to privacy that starts with embedding privacy controls and safeguards in our products and services to help protect and manage information with greater confidence and safety. In addition to family-specific questions, we have provided a detailed set of questions and answers on what data is collected by the Kinect sensor and how it’s used.

    Family Safety

    Data Collection

  • Kinect Performance Data. This information helps us continuously improve Kinect performance. It does not personally identify you, and collection of this data cannot be disabled. As you play, we collect information on how your Kinect device and platform software are functioning, usage patterns within the Xbox Dashboard applications, and other data that does not directly or personally identify you. We may analyze this performance data to ensure users are receiving the optimal game experience and to help improve Kinect games and the Xbox 360 platform. We may also share some of this aggregated data with companies that provide Kinect-enabled games, which will help them improve their product.
  • Data that Enables Gameplay. Kinect collects and uses body recognition data to enable you to control and play games. It does not personally identify you, and collection of this data cannot be disabled. We call this session data; it allows you to control Kinect games and is stored on your console’s memory only while you are playing a session of one or more games. One example is body recognition data which allows you to control Kinect games but does not personally identify you, and when you turn off your console, it is deleted. This anonymous data, also known as Kinect performance data, may be returned to Microsoft for analysis but does not personally identify you.
  • Data Used for Sign-In. As an optional feature, Kinect can collect and use identity data to enable you to sign in to your gamer profile. This is mostly facial recognition data that identifies individual players. You can decide whether to use this feature, called Kinect ID, and control whether this data is collected. This data is stored permanently on your console to enable sign in to your gamer profile, and it is not returned to Microsoft. This information is stored as a long series of numbers, and it does not personally identify you.
  • Speech Data, Photos, and Videos. Kinect can record speech data, photos, and videos, but you can control whether such data is collected using Xbox 360 Family Settings. Examples include:
  • Speech commands. Speech commands allow you to verbally control a Kinect experience. We only collect and store speech commands if you give us permission to do so.
  • Photographs that are taken of you during game play. They are initially stored on your console, or another location provided by a game publisher, and you decide whether to share them with others.
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    Kinect Tuner



  • Let you know if photos or videos are being taken
  • Tell you where they are being stored and how to access them
  • Allow you to preview the images
  • Additionally, if the images or videos will be transferred outside of the console, they must tell you where they will be transferred and give you the ability to confirm or cancel transmission of the photos or videos prior to transmission. To prevent images from being shared outside of your console, set Kinect Sharing to Blocked.


    Video, Text, and Voice Chat

  • Everyone
  • Friends only
  • Blocked
  • You can also use the Accept Friends Request setting in your child’s Family Settings to require your approval before anyone is added to your child’s friend’s list. By using the Video Communications setting and the Accept Friends Request setting you can effectively limit your child’s video communications to only those people you approve.


    Voice Commands