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    Acompli, Inc.

    Avere Systesm Inc.

    Blue Stripe Software, Inc.

    Bonsai AI, Inc.

    Cycle Computing, LLC

    Equivio Inc.

    FieldOne Systems LLC

    Flipgrid, Inc.

    Incent Games, Inc.

    MetricsHub, Inc.

    Microsoft Caribbean, Inc.

    Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft India Corporation

    Microsoft Licensing, GP

    Microsoft Mobile Inc.

    Microsoft Online, Inc.

    Microsoft Regional Sales Corporation

    Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

    Mobile Data Labs, Inc.

    Parature, Inc.

    PlayFab, Inc.

    Revolution Analytics, Inc.

    Skype Communications US Corporation

    Swift Pursuits, Inc.

    Vexcel Corporation

    VoloMetrix, Inc.

    Xamarin Inc.