ProjectData - Project OData service reference

ProjectData is a WCF Data Service, also known as an OData service. The ProjectData service is implemented with the OData V3 libraries.

The ProjectData service enables REST queries and a variety of OData client libraries to make both online and on-premises queries of reporting data from a Project Web App instance. For example, you can directly use a REST query in web browsers, or use JavaScript to build web apps and client apps for mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and Mac computers. Client libraries are available for JavaScript, the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Phone 8, and other languages and environments. In Project Server 2013, the ProjectData service is optimized to create pivot tables, pivot charts, and PowerView reports for business intelligence by using the Excel 2013 desktop client and Excel Services in SharePoint. For more information, see Use Excel 2013 to create a new Project Online report and Server Reporting in PWA.

When Project Server 2013 or Project Online is in Project permission mode, you can explicitly grant or deny access to the OData feed for specified Project Web App users. For example, on the Edit User page in Project Web App, expand the Global Permissions section, and then in the General section, select the Access Project Server Reporting Service check box in the Allow column.


When Project Server is in the default SharePoint permission mode, the Security Categories section and Global Permissions section are not available on the Edit User page.

In the default SharePoint permission mode, not all Project Web App users have access to the OData feed. Only users in the following groups have access: Portfolio Viewers, Portfolio Managers, and Administrators. Access cannot be managed for individual entities in the OData feed; that is, if a user has access to the OData service, she can get reporting data that is published for all of the projects, resources, tasks, and other entities. For more information about the permission modes, see Plan user access in Project Server 2013.

You can access the ProjectData service through a Project Web App URL. The XML structure of the EDM is available from the http://<pwa_site>/_api/ProjectData/$metadata endpoint (example:\_api/ProjectData/$metadat). To view a feed that contains the collection of projects, for example, you can use the following REST query in a browser: http://<pwa_site>/_api/ProjectData/Projects. When you view the webpage source in the browser, you see the XML data for each project, with properties of the Project entity type that the ProjectData service exposes.

The EDM of the ProjectData service is an XML document that conforms to the OData specification. The EDM shows the entities that are available in the reporting data and the associations between entities. The EDM includes the following two Schema elements:

  • The Schema element for the ReportingData namespace defines EntityType elements and Association elements:

  • EntityType elements:¬†¬†Each entity type, such as Project and Task, specifies the set of properties, including navigation properties, that are available for that entity. For example, task properties include the task name, task GUID, and project name for that task. Navigation properties define how a query for an entity such as Project is able to navigate to other entities or collections, such as Tasks within a project. Navigation properties define the start role and end role, where roles are defined in an Association element.

  • Association elements: An association relates one entity to another by endpoints. For example, in the Project_Tasks_Task_Project association, Project_Tasks is one endpoint that relates a Project entity to the tasks within that project. Task_Project is the other endpoint, which relates a Task entity to the project in which the task resides.

  • The Schema element for the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server namespace includes just one EntityContainer element, which contains the child elements for entity sets and association sets. The EntitySet element for Projects represents all of the projects in a Project Web App instance; a query of Projects can get the collection of projects that satisfy a filter or other options in a query.

    An AssociationSet element is a collection of associations that define the primary keys and foreign keys for relationships between entity collections. Although the ~/_api/ProjectData/$metadata query results include the AssociationSet elements, they are used internally by the OData implementation for the ProjectData service, and are not documented.