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    Azure IoT Hub

    Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets

    Build your IoT application with Azure IoT Hub

    Learn how IoT Hub features such as device management and provisioning allow you to scale to billions of devices using familiar tooling.

    Establish bidirectional communication with billions of IoT devices

    Use device-to-cloud telemetry data to understand the state of your devices and define message routes to other Azure services without writing any code. In cloud-to-device messages, reliably send commands and notifications to your connected devices and track message delivery with acknowledgement receipts. Device messages are sent in a durable way to accommodate intermittently connected devices.

    Authenticate per device for security-enhanced IoT solutions

    Set up individual identities and credentials for each of your connected devices, and help retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages. To maintain the integrity of your system, selectively revoke access rights for specific devices as needed.

    Automate IoT device provisioning and registration to accelerate your IoT deployment

    Speed up your IoT deployment by registering and provisioning devices with zero touch in a secure and scalable way. IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service supports any type of IoT device compatible with IoT Hub.

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    Extend the power of the cloud to your edge device

    Take advantage of IoT Edge to make hybrid cloud and edge IoT solutions a reality. IoT Edge provides easy orchestration between code and services so they flow securely between cloud and edge to distribute intelligence across a range of devices. Enable artificial intelligence and other advanced analytics at the edge, reduce your IoT solution costs, ease development efforts, and operate devices offline or with intermittent connectivity.

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    Customers are doing great things with Azure IoT solution accelerators

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    Create fully customizable solutions with templates for common IoT scenarios

    Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets

    Extend cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices

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