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    Azure DevTest Labs

    Fast, easy, and lean dev-test environments

    Self-service cost control

    Provide self-service cloud environments without the worry. Lab policies and thresholds help to effortlessly minimize costs.

    Quick custom templates

    Set up your virtual machine with your dev tools and your latest build in a few clicks, and share reusable templates across your team.

    Works with your CI/CD tools

    Create environments directly from your continuous integration (CI) tools using our plug-ins, REST API, or Visual Studio Team Services extension.

    Visual Studio subscribers can save up to 75% on Azure to support your ongoing development and testing.

    Shell gives developers freedom to create, reduces IT costs with dev-test solution in the cloud

    "Our build times are five times faster now that we use Azure DevTest Labs.... Developers get much quicker feedback, so they can test code repeatedly and identify and fix more errors."
    Johan Krebbers, IT Chief Technology Officer, Royal Dutch Shell

    Daimler embraces the cloud to innovate faster

    "Since using Azure DevTest Labs, we’ve seen our developer onboarding process drop from weeks to hours. We just send developers a link, and they get instant access to Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, and needed open-source tools."
    Peter Rothlaender, Manager of Cloud Solutions, Daimler

    Moving to managed services in the cloud, IT provider expands business by 150 percent

    "It used to take us six months to a year to develop a new offering for a customer, but now that we do this work in Azure DevTest Labs, we can respond in a few weeks."
    Gordon McKenna, Chief Technology Officer, Inframon

    Icertis enhances security of cloud-based enterprise contract management solution

    "Our customers demand the highest levels of data encryption and application and infrastructure security. From the day we launched, we’ve taken advantage of the enterprise-grade security features built into the Azure platform to help provide the level of security our customers expect…"
    Monish Darda, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Icertis

    Healthcare system transforms online services into a friendly digital experience

    "As a team, we’re focused on high-quality solutions and speed. Choosing Azure was a very transformative decision for us."
    Jamey Shiels, Vice President Digital Experience, Aurora Health Care

    Risk manager reduces its own risks by protecting data in the cloud

    "By using Azure for dev/test, we get predictable costs and pay for the resources by the hour. By comparison, it can take a month to get dev/test hardware provisioned on premises, and that's assuming you have the datacenter space."
    Vineel Palla, Cloud Systems Engineer, RMS

    Simplify cost management

  • Set lab policies to automatically shut down and start up virtual machines.
  • Set caps on your lab, such as the number of virtual machines per user and per lab.
  • Use the lab cost trend to estimate your spending and set a threshold.
  • Quickly set up environments

  • Use custom images to quickly reproduce your environment.
  • Install your latest bits and dev tools on your machine through artifacts.
  • Create formulas to easily modify an environment's configuration at any time.
  • Integrate with your existing toolchain

  • Use our REST API to provision dev-test environments directly from your continuous integration (CI) tools.
  • Quickly deploy from your release pipeline using our Team Services tasks extension.
  • Use our command line tool to automate your virtual machine set up and clean up.
  • Tailor to your scenario

  • Centrally manage development environments across your team or organization.
  • Conduct compatibility and automated testing with reusable environment templates.
  • Provide virtual machines for hackathons that automatically expire after the event.
  • Use the service for different scenarios to suit your needs.
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    *Azure DevTest Labs is a free service. However, you will be charged for other Azure resources that are created in DevTest Labs. For example, you will be charged for the virtual machines that are created in DevTest Labs per our virtual machine pricing.

    Quickly create dev and test environments with DevTest Labs