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    Bing Visual Search

    Deliver new experiences that enable users to search with images and gain insights in compelling new ways.

    Interpret images to build tailored visual experiences

    Create compelling visual experiences through interpretation of images on a device of your choice. Enrich the search experience with visually similar images and products from your business, and use Bing Visual Search to recognize celebrities, monuments, artwork, and other related objects. Identify barcodes or extract textual information from images to provide rich insights—all through the single API.

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    Discover intelligent context identification

    Use smart identification of image content to recognize celebrities, find products, or search for related content. Bing Visual Search automatically identifies the type of picture, recognizing image context whether it is a barcode, a business card, or a product.

    Enhance product recommendations for your business

    Create compelling product recommendations for your domain through visually similar images and products. For example, build a crop-free product selection experience for your users to detect and delineate fashion products automatically.

    Make your applications and devices intelligent

    Add search intelligence to your apps and devices. Integrate with any image source to get annotations and information, whether using a bot, mobile device, or output from another Cognitive Service.

    Augment image understanding through OCR

    Extract structured textual information to build better search results by reading the text in images using optical character recognition (OCR).

    Powerful statistics for your queries

    Inform your strategic decisions with the Bing Statistics add-in. Quickly retrieve statistics such as your top queries, call volume, market distribution, response code summary, and many more—and derive rich insights to advance your business. Visit the portal to consume these statistics. You can subscribe to Bing Statistics Add-in from Azure Portal.

    Take a look at Bing Visual Search scenarios

    Asistente de comercio minorista o planificador de vacaciones con funcionalidades visualesEl asistente de comercio minorista o planificador de vacaciones puede ayudar a sus clientes a interactuar con el bot de su empresa y proporcionar sugerencias según la información visual.4231
    1. Overview
    2. Flow

    Retail Assistant or Vacation Planner with Visual Capabilities


    The retail assistant or vacation planner can help your customers have interactions with your business bot and provide suggestions based on the visual information.


    1. 1 Users interact with your business assistant
    2. 2 Assistant understands context from LUIS
    3. 3 Assistant passes visual context to the Bing Visual Search API
    4. 4 Optionally Bot gets more information for user queries exclusively from your domain using the Bing Custom Search API
    Asistente visualEl asistente visual proporciona información enriquecida basada en el contenido de la imagen con funcionalidades como lectura de tarjetas comerciales, identificación de códigos de barras y reconocimiento de personas, objetos, lugares, obras de arte y monumentos populares.123546
    1. Overview
    2. Flow

    Visual Assistant


    Visual assistant provides rich information based on content of the image with capabilities such as reading business card, identifying barcode, and recognizing popular people, places, objects, artworks, and monuments.


    1. 1 Users interact with bot
    2. 2 Bot understands context from LUIS
    3. 3 Bot passes visual context to the Bing Visual Search API
    4. 4 Bot gets additional information from Bing Entity Search for rich context on people, place, artwork, monument, and objects.
    5. 5 Bot gets additional information for barcodes.
    6. 6 Optionally Bot gets more information on barcodes/queries exclusively from your domain through the Bing Custom Search API.
    7. 7 Assistant renders similar products/destinations from your domain or provides more information around celebrity/place/monuments/artworks.

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    Distill actionable information from images


    Detect, identify, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos

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    Video Indexer

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    Custom Vision

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    Form Recognizer PREVIEW

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    Translator Text

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    QnA Maker

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    Language Understanding

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    Immersive Reader PREVIEW

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    Speech Services

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    Speaker Recognition PREVIEW

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    Content Moderator

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    Anomaly Detector PREVIEW

    Easily add anomaly detection capabilities to your apps.

    Personalizer PREVIEW

    An AI service that delivers a personalized user experience

    Explore the Bing Visual Search API