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    The cloud for intelligent solutions

    Create the next generation of intelligent apps and discover transformative insights using powerful data and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

    Develop breakthrough apps with built-in intelligence

    Take advantage of a comprehensive set of services, infrastructure, and tools to build AI-powered experiences. Build bots that naturally interact with users and built-in advanced analytics tools to make faster predictions.

    Use a rich set of Azure data and AI services such as Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Bot Service to enable new experiences in your apps for human-like intelligence.

    Rely on managed service capabilities such as built-in monitoring, threat detection, automatic patching, and backups.

    “By using Microsoft Azure Bot Service and Cognitive Services … we’ve been able to continue our own Progressive journey of digital innovation and do it in an agile, fast, and cost-effective way.”

    Matt White, Marketing Manager, Personal Lines Acquisition Experience

    Renewables AI
    “The market is leading us to a more stable, responsible energy source for the future. We are using Azure and artificial intelligence to build a smarter solar energy industry.”

    Declan O’Halloran, Director

    Build and deploy custom AI models at scale

    Work across teams to build, test, and manage different versions of your models in production with Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning.

    Build rich AI applications with a family of graphics processing units (GPUs) optimized for deep learning AI scenarios and run large-scale, massively parallel development with Azure Batch AI. Debug, test, and deploy across platforms with Visual Studio Code.

    Expand your possibilities with an open platform

    Use your existing skills and the tools you love to build any application—using any data source, operating system, and device. Azure supports a range of deployment options, popular stacks and languages, and a comprehensive set of data engines, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, and Apache Spark.

    Augment your open source application with identity and access management through Azure Active Directory, or insights through Azure Data Services.

    PVR cinemas
    “We were initially skeptical about open source technologies and public cloud, but the confidence of the team at RealBox and the platform capabilities of Azure put them all to rest.”

    Rajat Tyagi, CIO

    Explore how intelligent services can expand your solutions

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