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    What is Azure Stack?

    An extension of Azure to consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries

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  • Use public cloud services

    Build and run applications with more than 100 cloud services across 54 regions around the globe.

    Use cloud services on premises

    Build and run cloud applications using consistent Azure services on-premises to meet regulatory or technical requirements.

    Run virtualized applications on premises

    Run virtual machines on hyperconverged systems and use Windows Admin Center to connect to Azure for cloud services.

    Azure innovation anywhere

    Intelligent cloud, intelligent edge. Extend Azure services and capabilities on-premises, and build, deploy, and operate hybrid cloud and edge applications consistently across Azure and Azure Stack. Azure Stack is sold as an integrated system of software and validated hardware.

    Your cloud, your way. Run your own autonomous cloud, completely or partially disconnected from the internet and public cloud. Operate Azure Stack yourself or with the help of a trusted managed service provider. Either way, you control access to your data.

    Edge and disconnected solutions

    Run Azure Stack at the edge for remote locations or intermittent connectivity, run it disconnected from the internet, or create hybrid solutions—process data locally in Azure Stack and then aggregate it in Azure for additional processing and analytics.

    See an example of this architecture

    Cloud applications that meet regulatory requirements

    Meet your specific regulatory or policy requirements with full flexibility to deploy on-premises using Azure Stack—without changing any code.

    See an example of this architecture

    Legacy systems modernization

    Apply a consistent DevOps process, Azure web services, containers, serverless computing, and microservices architectures to update and extend your legacy data locked in mainframe and core business process applications.

    See an example of this architecture

    Consistent tools, experiences, and application models

    Easily transfer your skills and processes between Azure clouds while using the tools you want. Maximize productivity by building and deploying applications the same way, whether your apps run on Azure or Azure Stack.

  • One set of tools. Use the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs with Azure Resource Manager.
  • Common DevOps. Experience continuous deployment and integration using Jenkins and Azure DevOps, and automation using Chef and Azure PowerShell DSC extensions.
  • Open source. Use a broad range of open source technologies, including Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Kubernetes containers, and Cloud Foundry.
  • Run the same Azure services across cloud boundaries

    Meet your business and technical requirements by using the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployments for your needs. Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivery goes far beyond traditional virtualization. Use Virtual Machine Scale Sets for rapid deployments with true autoscaling for modern workloads.

    Consistent Azure platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities bring hybrid deployment choice and portability to cloud applications. Run fully managed PaaS, serverless computing, distributed microservices architectures, and container management on-premises.

    Get going quickly with one Azure ecosystem

    Our purpose-built integrated system design gets you up and running quickly. Azure Stack integrated systems are available from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Cisco, Lenovo, and others. Enjoy the continuous innovation of Azure through regular software updates.

    Learn how to manage infrastructure

    Azure Stack for industries

    Edge and disconnected

    Build innovative applications with the same platform in the cloud and at the edge.


    Customize security over data, applications, and identities, lowering friction and creating faster pathways to regulatory compliance.

    Modernize citizen services

    Speed up application and database modernization and provide new services that integrate easily into your existing systems.

    Build secure solutions that help government agencies improve how they serve and protect citizens.

    Explore solutions

    Azure on the factory floor

    Enable smart factory solutions with consistent development workflow across the edge, IoT, and mobile ecosystems

    Simplified compliance

    Align to regulations under a single set of skills, technologies, and processes

    Modernize outdated systems

    Undertake efficient legacy application and database modernization to optimize your business with cloud era technology

    Gain actionable insights and respond quickly to customer feedback and market trends.

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    Offline cloud services

    Transform and optimize healthcare solutions with consistent development workflow across the edge, IoT, and mobile ecosystems, even when disconnected from the Internet

    Simplified compliance

    Get comprehensive security over data, applications, and identities, with lower friction and faster pathways to regulatory compliance

    Modern healthcare apps

    Easily integrate existing systems with new, cloud-based investments to promote progress while ensuring continuity

    Develop solutions to improve health-based outcomes and drive efficiency using technology innovation.

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    Edge and disconnected

    Drive innovative, cloud-based financial solutions with consistent development workflow across the edge, IoT, and mobile ecosystems

    Keep up with regulations

    Get comprehensive security over data, applications, and identities, with lower friction and faster pathways to regulatory compliance

    Modern cloud financial apps

    Upgrade existing systems with cloud technology while building new systems for the future

    Reimagine the customer experience, optimize risk management, and transform your product's mission.

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    Azure Stack for developers

    Bring the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments with Azure Stack. Gain flexibility and control by building modern applications across hybrid cloud environments using a consistent set of skills, services, tools, and processes.

    Get the Azure Stack Development Kit

    Learn about hybrid cloud application design

    See how you can boost productivity and more easily meet business requirements when building and deploying applications for cloud and on-premises environments.

    Explore hybrid solutions

    Use the tools you want

    Use a consistent set of Azure services and DevOps processes and tools. Azure Stack provides a parallel development and deployment experience across Visual Studio and open source tools.

    Read the documentation

    Azure Stack partners

    Our integrated systems partners, service providers, and software marketplace partners help you extend Azure on-premises.

    Work with the people you use for public cloud wherever you need them, whether it’s a hardware partner in your datacenter, a managed service provider, a cloud application developer from the Azure Marketplace, or a trusted system integrator. Our Azure ecosystem helps you integrate Azure Stack with solutions such as monitoring and identity services.

    Connect with technology and service partners

    Get the help you need to run Azure Stack or to create hybrid solutions that run on Azure Stack.

    Find a technology or service partner

    Get software from the Azure Marketplace

    Download select software and services from the Marketplace to use in Azure Stack.

    Explore hybrid solutions

    Integrate your data

    Integrate Azure Stack with your existing operations and management software, such as backup, monitoring, and identity services. We work with our partners to ensure that their software manages workloads running on Azure Stack.

    Find integration software

    Extend your cloud business

    Reach new customers and better serve your existing ones, whether you’re a system integrator or a managed service provider.

    Download the whitepaper

    Simplify deployment with Azure Stack integrated systems

    Optimize your applications by using integrated systems designed to deliver a consistent Azure experience. Get up and running quickly with purpose-built Azure Stack integrated systems from one of our hardware partners.

    Azure Marketplace software

    Download select software and services from the Marketplace to use in Azure Stack.

    Find Marketplace software

    Featured Marketplace partners

    Read customer stories about Azure Stack

    “I really want my engineers to focus on the value that differentiates us and build this on a platform stack which is always up to date and leading edge.”

    Dr. Peter Weckesser, Digital Transformation Officers Airbus Defence and Space

    Watch the video


    “With Azure Stack, we can provide a unique hybrid cloud solution that helps our customers move to the cloud gradually.”

    Paul Thompson, Director of Strategic Solutions, Avid

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    “As one of the early adopters, we’re actively testing a Microsoft Azure Stack integrated system to ensure that our mission-critical applications will run smoothly. Our goal is to leverage the capabilities of Azure and Azure Stack to provide hybrid cloud services for various business applications across the Mitsui group.”

    Kurata Miyashita, Executive Officer, Digital Transformation Center, Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd.

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    “The inclusion of Microsoft Azure Stack services into our portfolio enhances our value proposition in a number of ways. Microsoft Azure Stack will bring us customers who wanted to exploit public cloud but were holding back due to data location concerns.”

    Tiberiu Croitoru, CEO, BinBox Global Services

    Read the story


    See what you can do with Azure Stack